Saturday, November 12, 2022

Josie Spends the Day

There was no school on Friday, so I spent the day with Meema and Grumpy.  After pancakes we went upstairs to my office. Meema did some ironing and I read to Dolly. It was a book about reptiles, and she really liked it.  

We did some painting too. I was painting fruit--a strawberry, a blueberry, and some grapes. Meema showed me about leaving a little bit of white to make it look like the sun is hitting the fruit.


I did pretty good leaving the white on the strawberry and the blueberry, but the grapes messed up. I told Meema that they were in the shade.

At lunch I pretended to be a Carrot Monster.

Then I borrowed Meema's phone and took some pictures. Jenny was watching the table and hoping for something to eat. She ate a bunch of pancakes this morning and Grumpy told me that last night she reached up on the counter and ate a WHOLE stick of butter. She is really greedy. 

I like to spend time with Grumpy in his room. I draw pictures for him. He is always glad to see me.



Barbara Rogers said...

Excellent photos by the young one! Grumpy is well done, and oh my a whole stick of butter...poor little dog. I liked the carrot monster too!

Marcia said...

Josie has become quite the blogger.

Sandra Parshall said...

Great shots of Jenny and Grumpy. She has a good eye for composition.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Josie, for sharing your day at Meema's with us!
Your painting's well done, I love the sunspots and the grapes in the shade.
Greetings from Vienna,

Unknown said...

It warms my heart to see Josie reading to her doll.