Friday, November 18, 2022

Josie Leaves a Trail of Mess

There was no school Thursday, and I spent the day with Meema and Grumpy. By the end of the day when it was almost time to watch a video at five o'clock, Meema said I had to put my mess away first. There was a lot of it, in The Room, in the living room, and in the dining room. It was Everywhere!

In The Room, it was Dolly's birthday. (She is turning seven.) All of her friends came and brought her presents. The presents are in the green basket.

Also I bounced. I have a lot of energy in the morning and bouncing is something I love to do. Meema doesn't fuss too much as long as I don't land on her feet. She really doesn't like that.

My Castle people wanted to come into the living room for a change.

I fixed a really pretty place for them.

I did a lot of painting. Meema drew me a mermaid and a unicorn to paint. The mermaid is Ariel with red hair and nice brown skin. I really like the way I did the water.

I took a break from my painting to have lunch with Grumpy.

This is the unicorn. When she is finished, there will be blue sky all around her. I paint very carefully.

Grumpy brought up some more stuff he made in his shop.

The little gnome is my favorite. I think Grumpy will give me one for my Christmas tree.



Barbara Rogers said...

Great day of Josie having all the energy of a 7 year old...whew, exhausting to think about. If only it could be bottled!

Sandra Parshall said...

Busy, busy girl. I want to see more of what John is making! The gnome is great.