Tuesday, November 3, 2020

So Here We Are on Election Day

Josie had a wonderful time yesterday, playing with some nifty little critters yet another 'aunt' sent her. (Thank you, Nancy M.!)

They come with their own washable markers and are meant to be drawn on--which suits Josie perfectly.

Some of them were more successful than others--and that's the beauty of these critters--you can wash the colors right off and start over. They even came with their own little scrub brush.  And Josie liked the washing away part too.

As the marked up critters emerged from their scrubbing, clean and unmarked, I started thinking about this election. (Hey, I can't help drawing parallels and finding symbolism--I was an English major.)

Today feels like the razor's edge. Will our country put behind it the past four years of this administration's wrecking ball policies, infantile name-calling and bullying, overt attempts to subvert the will of the majority, and callous disregard for science as regards climate change and the dangers of the pandemic?

Will there be a return to civility, to a regard for science and education, to better relations with the rest of the world, or will vulgarity, ignorance and ill will continue to be flaunted in our government?

I voted weeks ago. And I am hopeful there will soon be an end to the nightmare. Wouldn't it be nice if the toddler-like missteps  and tantrums of the past four years could be erased and we could start anew with a clean slate?

Wouldn't it be nice?


Thérèse said...

20 fingers crossed here...

Barbara Rogers said...

Lovely smile on your girl. She reminded me of my youngest son when he was about her age...we lived in student housing on the campus of U of FL, and there was only a shower, not a tub in the bathroom. We'd put a stopper in the drain so he could have about 4 inches of water to play in with his various action figures (think GI Joe, transformers, etc.) When the water ran cold he would grudgingly get out. It was really a calming influence on him, and then he would happily go to sleep.

Sandra Parshall said...

I want Josie -- and all American children -- to grow up in a better country than the one we have no.

A Bit of the Blarney said...

Sooooo much fun!!

Junk Journal Penpals said...

Yes, Vicki, it would be very nice. Larry is on the edge of his seat today, but I doubt if we'll know the outcome for a week or so and then the inquest will begin. I hope that whoever wins, the result will be accepted with dignity on all parts.