Thursday, November 19, 2020

Josie Helps Make Blueberry Mango Buckle and There Is a Bulldozer Hand

On Monday, Meema and I made Blueberry Mango Buckle. I helped very carefully.

It was yumptious. That is a word we made up. It means scrumptious.

There was a new horse. He is spotted all over.

On Wednesday the Castle People had a party and stood on things.

It was a party for the new people who are the King and  Queen of France.

Also, Meema and I played blocks. She was using the little blocks to tell about numbers. Did you know that 5 plus 7 is 12? And so is 6 plus 6. And 2 plus 10. And lots of others but then I got bored and we built towers.

Meema built a very tall one with the blocks I let her use and then my bulldozer hand got busy. I love to knock down things. That's the way I am. Meema makes a fuss but really she doesn't mind.  And that's the way she is.



Barbara Rogers said...

Sounds like a great day with Josie. Adding to 12? My goodness gracious...what an amazing idea.

jennyfreckles said...

She's a busy little bee.

katy gilmore said...

So inspired by these figures- I finally found and have splitter group of royalty awaiting Dec 25 for a certain five-year old! They are beautiful- it was hard to choose - but fun. Thanks aunt Fay! Do like that spotted horse - I got one with a knight - but he has a lance si might have to wait for baby brother to grow up a bit! Ones total people must consider the lesser residents.

katy gilmore said...

Oh boy what a garble my comment! Thanks phone. I’m sure wordsmith Vicki can interpret. Total people would of course be royal people.