Monday, November 23, 2020

Reading All Over the Place

My reading has been varied, of late. Which Witch? is a delightfully quirky young person's book. Not a person as young as Josie but I think she'll enjoy it in a few more years. It has a Roald Dahl-ish sort of humor that really appealed to me.

Then I bombed through a bunch of early Heinlein--paperbacks I bought over sixty years ago. They're corny and outdated--very sexist and non-PC and the folks piloting spaceships are still using slide rules. 

But I kept finding bits that jumped out at me. In The Puppet Masters, an alien race of slug-like parasites has landed and is taking over the minds of people across the country. In one scene, the good guys were looking at a map of the US and the red that denoted that the aliens had control of that area was in great swathes across the South and Midwest.

It seemed suddenly relevant. 

Then I picked up another old paperback, evidently from a college course. Washington Square and The Europeans by Henry James, and found myself enjoying James's leisurely prose and sharp eye for social nuances.  

Where shall I go next?



Barbara Rogers said...

You are blessed to have stayed in one place with your many books over the years. As I've moved about the southeast, I've culled my library each time, and thus have only a few of the oldest favorites around still. The criteria is, "will I read this again?" And I find a Tom Robbins, and Carl Sagan, and am amazed to find Starhawk still. Have a great day and stay safe!

Toe Valley Trail Project said...

Have you read "The 10,000 Doors of January" by Alix Harrow?
I just loved it! Here's a review:

Deana the Queena

Vicki Lane said...

I have not, Deana. Onto the list it goes!