Thursday, November 12, 2020

Another Busy Day with Josie

Cheesy eggs and buttered toast fingers are my new favorite breakfast. And I can help!

I put in the cheese and stir up the eggs Very Carefully.

I love this breakfast  so much that sometimes I also have it for lunch. 

I started making music-Meema said it was a racket--banging my fork on things. When I banged it on the light socket Meema said Stop but I went on banging. Then she yelled STOP! and I did but it hurt my feelings and I started to cry.

Then we had a Conversation and Meema told me how if my fork had gone into the light socket, it could have hurt me and so she had to yell so loud to make me STOP right away.  Then we talked about loving. Meema said she always loves me but she will YELL at me if I'm doing something dangerous.

I felt better.

After breakfast, I went in the living room where my castle people were having an adventure. They had to walk carefully around and through things to get to the castle.

My blue fairy climbed to the top and then we heard someone saying LET ME OUT!

It was a pretty lady with a fancy hairdo! She was in the top of the castle and we saved her!

Then I took the blue tissue paper she was wrapped in and spread it out to be a lake. I lined up the castle people all around it. It made a rectangle.

Then they all had a dance to celebrate.

Also I worked in a workbook and Meema and I read books. I know lots of words but I want Meema to do the reading.  I played with Legos too when I was supposed to take a nap. Meema was a little cranky but she loves me even when I act crazy and even when I don't take a nap. I love Meema, even when she's cranky because I know it's hard being an old woman.

We did play dough and bubbles out on the porch.  Meema blows the bubbles and I pop them. It is a fun game.

Later I watched a video on Grumpy's computer. He has some notes struck on it so while I watched, I made more little yellow notes for him and stuck them all over. I think he will like them.


Anvilcloud said...

Cheesy eggs for breakfast sounds good to me. Maybe in another hour or two. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

You are the best grandmother EVER! What a great example to Josie, for when she grows up and might be a grandmother. My grandsons live far away, but I know in my heart I would fall far short of your example if they lived nearby.
Deana the Queena

Barbara Rogers said...

Yes, grandmas have to yell stop when danger is's kind of like a bark...though with dogs it gets confused with the bark of love. Well, good for Josie for so many activities in one day, though it's really sad when little ones no longer take naps...sad for the tired grownups!

jennyfreckles said...

She's learning all the time. You're a great teacher - and yes, it's exhausting (and noisy!) being with a little one all day. Grandmas need naps, never mind the kids!

Thérèse said...

The picture with the bubbles is awesome, it is as if Josie was juggling. Meema is very patient... will I be this patient when the time comes??