Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Josie Does Crafts

When I checked on my Castle People yesterday morning, there was a new lady there from Aunt Fay. She is very pretty and she is holding a mirror. Everyone had to meet her.

They had a parade and the Knight said, "Who's this new kid?"

Also I had a new High Five magazine. Meema and I read it. And guess what? At the end it had a castle to cut out and tape together. With a flag on top. Meema got tooth picks for the flag pole and she cut things out. I helped with the tape.

I put the flag on the red and yellow guard house I already had and Meema made a new flag that said JOSIE for the new castle.

I think they came out good.

I like to talk to Grumpy at lunch and tell him stuff.  He was busy going to the dump all morning and didn't get to see my castle.

After lunch I made ornaments with the leftover tooth picks. The toothpicks are all colors and I stuck them into little tangerines.  They looked like little suns and I made three of them. Meema said we could hang them on the Christmas tree but then I had a better idea and I took all the toothpicks back out and Meema and I ate the tangerines.

Then I had to decorate my scrubby critters that Nancy gave me. I had to concentrate very hard because I was making circles on the rhinoceros.

I think the blue circles look nice. And then I put pink stripes on the kitty. Meema said that on Wednesday, we will do more crafts.



Barbara Rogers said...

Such a great Meema and all her relations, to have so many little figures and castles!.Not to mention the crafts! I wish my inner child back many years ago had had such activities...though I probably did a few with my children. I dare say there are a few interesting stories with the fairy figures!

Thérèse said...

Josie will soon need a suitcase...
So much "food" for this kid's mind. It's marvelous.