Saturday, April 11, 2020

Josie Makes Easter Eggs

Grumpy and Meema and I made Easter eggs! I will leave them for the Easter Bunny and he will hide them for me to find. I asked Meema why and she said Because.

Meema mixed up lots  of colors.

It was my job to hand the eggs to Grumpy to put VERY CAREFULLY into the cups of dye. He did a very good job.

And so did I.  Then Meema put the eggs on a rack to dry.

When they were dry, I put star stickers on them. My friend Sandy sent me these stickers and lots of others. I think they look beautiful and I am VERY CAREFUL with the eggs.

I think the Easter Bunny will love these eggs.  


Sandra Parshall said...

What a delight to see her enjoying the stickers I sent! I love the care and close attention she gives to every project. Wishing her and the whole family a blessed Easter. Stay safe there in your mountains.

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh the great memories of dying eggs for Easter with children (I missed doing it with grandchildren). They do have a good question about why they dye them, then there's this mysterious bunny who hides them from them all over the yard! Glad we encourage magical faith in myths.

NCmountainwoman said...

So sorry you won't have the big gathering. But it looks as if there is a lot of fun in store anyway. Happy Easter.

Alicia Morgan said...

You're a Meema? I am, too - actually a Mema (same diff). I miss getting to see my granddaughter. However, I am lucky to have 2 and sometimes 3 of our kids and their S.O.s staying with us.

katy gilmore said...

Happy Easter to Josie - and her grandparents and parents! Diminished Easter but still joyous with Josie!