Wednesday, April 29, 2020

An Outage of Cows

Cows will go wandering. A neighbor alerted us that they had come visiting. 

John went after them but instead of going down the road, as he wanted them to, they turned up the road to our place. He left them peacefully grazing and came and got me so I (and the truck) could block a crucial turning as he herded them down to the lower place.

It went well. With John behind them, they trooped down the road like good cows (and one donkey.)

I followed in the truck. . .

pausing to admire the yellow trilliums on the roadside.

Once the cows (and donkey) were where they belonged, I had a look at Dave and the Bobbettes in the little red chicken house where John put them for their own safety.

They aren't used to company. I'll try to take Josie down tomorrow, if the weather cooperates.

Spring green. Who can blame the cows for going exploring?


Anvilcloud said...

Well, that was fun for me but maybe not for you. :)

Barbara Rogers said...

What a hoot...I guess the absence of a horse means no cowboy. Oh well, obviously cows walk at a person's pace and can be herded that way. It's all about having critters.

GPearson said...

Awwwwww. I didn't know you had a donkey. I love donkeys. The Bobbettes are growing nicely.

GPearson said...

We had a cow named Betty. Which was odd because that was my older sister's name. She never got to have an "outage". The cow, not my sister. LOL