Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Hilma af Klint

Yesterday's sunrise, captured somewhat imperfectly, made me think of the strange paintings of Hilma af Klint.

(From the Guggenheim Museum's exhibition of her work:)

"Born in Stockholm in 1862, Hilma af Klint began her artistic career as an academy-educated painter of naturalistic landscapes and portraits. Influenced by the spiritual movements and scientific discoveries of her era, however, af Klint soon strove to express abstract concepts beyond what the eye can see. She began creating radically abstract paintings in 1906, years before Vasily Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich, Piet Mondrian, and others would take similar strides to rid their own artwork of representational content. Yet while many of her better-known contemporaries published manifestos and exhibited widely, af Klint kept her groundbreaking paintings largely private."

I'm fascinated by this woman and her work. She makes me think of Emily Dickinson, ahead of her time, intensely private, and with so much in her work that still speaks to us today.

Learn more about this remakable artist HERE.

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