Thursday, April 23, 2020

Fleeting Spring

The first iris unfurled on Tuesday, reminding me how quickly Spring moves.

Trees that were bare a few weeks ago have leafed out in Spring gold and green.

The iris buds are a promise--these old-timey bearded iris are the first, the fancy hybrids will follow. And soon the wild dwarf iris will show themselves, and the yellow flags and B iris down at the pond, and eventually, the elegant Japanese iris.

Below the house, the azaleas are blooming -- even some that skipped last year, due to deer damage. The plague that killed so many deer last summer meant less damage to foliage last winter. And farther down the hill, the redbuds blooms are being replaced by new leaves.

The rhododendrons are beginning their show.

April may be the cruellest month, but it sure is beautiful here. And it's hard not to feel hopeful, witnessing the eternal return. 

Star of Bethlehem


Anvilcloud said...

We are hopeful that May may be better here because APril has indeed been cruel.

Barbara Rogers said...

Ah ha, I've also posted Iris today. They are such amazingly engineered flowers! I am glad to see the Rhodos coming out, because I can't get to any of the walk areas where I usually see them.