Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Peace of Flowers, Trees, and Cows

Just received -- thank you, Shawn!

The Peace of Flower, Cow, and Tree by S. Bilodeau
(Thank you to Vicki Lane for the inspiration.)
Do you remember? Days long gone and years ago? Do you remember? Did you know?
The wild time that flowers knew. The time when old was fresh and new.
The wander time for brave aurochs. The time before fence and locks.
The sylvan time of peace and ease. The time of quiet between all and trees.
Trees still root. They still stand. But just to mark between land and land.
They were aurochs then. But now? They’ve lost that name, become just ‘cow.’
Flowers bud, and flowers bloom. But just to die and dress a room.
Time still ticks, and like the river, flows. Years they come and years they go.
What once was, again can be. To find peace for flower, cow, and tree?

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Jime said...

What a lovely poem and to have your photographs of the subjects in the poem is a double treat