Friday, August 3, 2018

Gardening in the Time of Rain

We've had several days of rain -- welcome rain for the boost it will give the pastures and the water table. Too wet to get into the garden so I resorted to the little greenhouse where my fig tree is bearing as never before. In the past I've hauled the fig outside for the summer and back in when it gets cold. Finally, thanks to Justin who brought me big load of rich dirt to fill in what had previously been filled with water (and some goldfish till a water snake ate them all,) the fig tree has a year round home and room to spread its roots. 

 It's rewarded us with a bumper crop of figs and I don't have to fight the birds for them. Only a chipmunk who has found a way in and out. But the resident blacksnake may take care of that problem.

I've also set in the dirt all the potted amaryllis bulbs from years past. They didn't bloom at all this year -- perhaps the rich soil will inspire them.

There was still an expanse of soil so I planted some cucumber seeds a while back. They've grown but I don't think they get enough sun-- the crepe myrtle outside shades the glass. We'll see. I've also transplanted a bit of mint and some wild purslane. And I just sowed some beets for winter salads. And there are two little cherry tomato seedlings. I don't really have much hope that they'll make tomatoes but it's worth a try.

Between the showers I dealt with the bounty left by friends who'd seen my post about not having any Black Eyed Susans. Thanks to Suzie Morris and Nancy Lang, I now have a gracious plenty! And perfect weather for transplanting them!

This bed above the road has been ignored too long. Now there's a fine swath of Black Eyed Susans to inspire me to rejuvenate it. I think some Korean chrysanthemums are the next step, along with some Bee Balm.  

Oh, the pleasures of gardening in cool, rainy weather! I feel almost English.  Where are those Wellington boots I used to have? 


Anvilcloud said...

You certainly are an ambitious gardener. I now tend our small garden somewhat grudgingly. :)

Vicki Lane said...

A gardener's reach should exceed her grasp . . .