Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Second Childhood ?

I've had this little castle, the work of the late David Renfroe, a local potter, for about forty years. It stayed in the green house for a long time but a few years ago I took it outside and set it amidst the crepe myrtle trunks in our entryway garden. 

Recently I was moved to add stepping stones. And yesterday when I went to Reems Creek Valley Nursery for some mums to set out and a Japanese Anemone, I found myself shopping for something tiny to plant alongside the little walkway. That little fluffy green cushion to the right is the result.

Now I find myself contemplating the logistics of making a minute twig bench . . .

And I'm reminded of a Mary Poppins story of a tiny park within a normal park. And of The Borrowers, another of my favorite children's books. I look forward to reading both to Josie someday. 

I'll let her discover the little castle on her own.


GPearson said...

A tiny gnome on the path would be fun! 💖

NCmountainwoman said...

No, definitely not a second childhood. The price of those little fairy garden pieces wouldn't be affordable on a child's allowance. I love your little castle and imagine you will keep adding to the pieces, especially when Josie is old enough to enjoy it with you.

Jime said...

yes the additions that Josie makes to the small secret castle will add to its charm and mystery