Saturday, August 4, 2018

Blue Skies and Corn -- Lots of Corn

After two and a half days of rain, it was time to start harvesting the sweet corn.

We pulled not quite half of it and spent the rest of the afternoon shucking, blanching, and putting it into freezer bags.

This is probably the nicest corn we've ever grown -- and not a worm on it. I don't know why -- we didn't do anything differently.  

The excellence of the corn somewhat offset the disappointment of seeing that deer had gotten past the fence and into the beans and peppers and sweet potatoes. They ate the tops off the bean plants and peppers and every last leaf of the sweet potato vines. I'll dig in the bed tomorrow to see if there are any sweet potatoes of any size. 

As I said in an earlier post, to garden is to know loss. But just look at that fine corn!


Barbara Rogers said...

It looks fantastic, and that's my favorite. Sorry about the deer having a feast too.

NCmountainwoman said...

It is indeed beautiful corn. And the bicolor is my favorite. Sorry about those danged deer. I do hope you can salvage something for your hard work.

Anvilcloud said...

We got some local corn last week and were disappointed to find that it was tasteless.

Jime said...

Oh well, Joe Hutto's "Touching the Wild" comes to mind with your loss to the deer. At least the deer were happy. Oh, I dream of grated sweet corn fried in bacon fat and served with fresh sliced tomatoes. Your corn looks beautiful,.

katy gilmore said...

Oh your corn looks so delicious!!!