Tuesday, August 14, 2018


The sun was emerging from the mist to light up the mountainside.

Spiders have been busy.

Morning glories hold the light.

A perfect spiral, web-embellished.

I've decided the passion flowers are somehow steam-punkish.
Don't as me why.

A passion flower fruit AKA a maypop. They are edible and I look forward to tasting it when it's ripe.


Barbara Rogers said...

Good morning, Vicki. Love your shadow portrait on the blue door, with a wreath outlining your heart...and a beautiful summer crepe. These floral photos do your new camera proud. Yes, passion flowers sure are over-kill, much like beloved steampunk.

Anvilcloud said...

Earlyish is pretty darn goodish.

Vicki Lane said...

John -- but not early like you do. I'm in awe of some of your early, early shots.