Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Passsion Flower

Space alien? Sea creature? Flower?

Passiflora inarnata is a NC native -- though I've never come across one growing. So I purchased one and will plant it where I can keep an eye on it. The flowers are spectacular and the fruits -- called Maypops -- are edible. 

Left to its own devices, it will run along the ground and perhaps become invasive. I plan to plant it with a trellis to grow up, where it's bounded by our driveway and mown grass.

The name Passion refers not to mortal lust but to the Crucifixion. Long ago, Jesuits found religious symbolism in the different parts of this spectacular flower. See HERE for the story.

As a bonus, it has a lovely honey sweet fragrance.


Anvilcloud said...

some wonderful graphical elements here.

NCmountainwoman said...

We used to pick passion flowers and make ballerinas from them. We carved the Maypops into all sorts of things. They were perfect for making baby carriages. Some Maypops, some toothpicks, and a dull knife kept us amused for hours on end. And there was always the fun of stomping on them to hear the pop. Your lovely photographs brought back some great summer childhood memories.

jennyfreckles said...

Amazing flowers. I believe each bloom only lasts a short while.