Thursday, January 18, 2018

Snow Birds

Yesterday's snowstorm brought the usual crop of birds to our feeder -- cardinals, juncos, red-bellied woodpeckers, blue jays, titmice, etc.

But we were surprised by a big flock of common grackles -- I don't think we've has a visit from them before. They are quite beautiful -- iridescent blue/green head and shoulders.

Alas, all my pictures were though rather cloudy windows -- it was way to cold to lurk around outside till the birds weren't alarmed.

The new visitors hogged the feeders and we put extra birdseed on the porch railings, as well as refilling the feeders. 

We are staying warm and staying put. The driveway up to our house is passable only by the jeep with chains.

Wednesday night lows around 10.

But a warming trend is on its way with the fifties by Friday -- let's hope the birdseed holds out!


Barbara Rogers said...

Birds are looking all over for food with so much frozen ground. Glad you can give it to them! I miss having a feeder, but it's against the rules at this complex because they attract bears. An exchange of wildlife visitors I sometimes regret.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

I've heard of grackles, but never seen one, not even a picture. I've seen pictures of cardinals, but we don't get them here in the Sacramento area. They are such a beautiful color. All the photos are beautiful, dirty windows notwithstanding. One would never know. Thanks for this beautiful share.

Bernie said...

People with beautiful souls always care for babies and all God's creatures. You are a beautiful soul Miss Vicki! xx

Juliet said...

What beautiful little birds. I love those flashes of red amidst the monochrome of winter.