Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Risen

A good blog friend sent me a copy of THE RISEN and I devoured it pretty much in one gulp. Set in nearby Sylva, it's the story of two brothers and the girl who changes their lives.

The writing is pure Rash -- thoughtful, crystalline prose, complex, self aware characters, and an eye (and pen) attuned to the smallest details of setting. And there's a complex moral issue to ponder -- can Evil be justified if Good results?

What threw me was that the book reads like a mystery -- a very, very good mystery -- and I found myself trying to solve it, to anticipate what was coming. This isn't a put down -- it was just a surprise.

Though as I tell my students, there's a mystery at the heart of every story -- will the protagonist get what he wants?

I loved the final pages of the book -- as the author played a bit with the fictional reality.

Ron is speaking tonight at UNCA -- tickets through Malaprop's. If only my class didn't meet then.

Go HERE for a NPR interview with the author.

Photo credit Ashley Jones


Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Good review. this sounds like a fascinating book.

Frances said...

Thank you for the introduction, Vicki. I recall Sylva being one of the municipal finance clients I worked with during my paralegal decades. I might just have to check out this book.


NCmountainwoman said...

I also devoured this book. "Can't put it down" is an overused phrase, but it really applies to THE RISEN. It's a bit rare to find a book that holds your interest throughout and also has a great ending. This one did it for me.

Poetry24 said...

Noted. One more for the list.