Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Post Debate

Of course we all see things through our own prisms -- Huffington Post says HRC crushed DT (Orange Crush) while Breitbart says DT won.

What I saw was HRC giving coherent positions on multiple topics while DT hammered a few broad points over and over, sometimes degenerating into word salad as the evening wore on. You can read the transcripts for the specifics -- it's late as I type this and I'm ready to go to bed.

 In any event, I doubt that folks watch the debates to learn the candidates' views on various issues -- those have been made clear over and over during the past months. I think that the whole point of the debates is to assess the candidates' demeanor in a stressful and challenging situation. How will he/she act and respond?

The big takeaway for me was that HRC acted like a rational, polite, and extremely well-prepared adult, answering the questions that were asked then listening attentively and almost expressionlessly when DT spoke. 

DT, on the other hand,  responded to the questions, when he did respond, in the vaguest way, with the empty assurances and superlatives that have come to typify his speeches. He let it be known that he cared about the situation in Charlotte  and crime in Chicago because he has property there and he talked about his new hotel and all his great business experience. When HRC spoke, he rolled his eyes, interrupted, made faces, drank water, interrupted (70 times, by one count,) and smirked. I suppose it is to his credit that he didn't actually call her Crooked Hillary.

 He told us how awful things are in our country and touted law and order, stop and frisk. He sold fear. 

She spoke to the strengths of our country while acknowledging problems and offering nuanced approaches for improvement. She sold hope.

I've known all along that I would support HRC as I would support any Democrat over a Republican but this debate made me an enthusiastic supporter. I thought she was terrific  -- one might even say presidential.  And she came across, to me, at least, as very likable. Funny, even, at times.

If you are one of my few readers who supports DT, your take is probably different.

I won't convince you -- and you have no chance at all of convincing me.


daybreak said...

Agreed. I'm SO for Her!

Anvilcloud said...

Thanks for your synopsis. I didn't watch, and I'm glad she did well.

KarenB said...

I only made it about 15 minutes in before leaving, but even in those 15 minutes I got a similar impression. I'm now looking at analysis of it, along with fact-checking. Bless you for sticking with it!

Barbara Rogers said...

I didn't watch...so really appreciate your commentary on the event for me. I happened to hear someone's interview on NPR who said he though our citizens are in the majority ready for a change, that they are unhappy with our nation's leadership the way it is, and DT offers change and therefore will win.

Frances said...

Vicki, I took a brief afternoon nap yesterday, so that I would have the stamina required to watch and listen to the entire debate. I am glad to have had the split screen available for the entire session. What was all that Trump sniffling about? Is he coming down with a cold? I wish that I had kept a count of how many times the word "disaster" was used.

I do wonder if either candidate attracted additional supporters or just kept hold of their loyalists.

What did you think of Mrs. Trump's dress. What message was that supposed to be sending and to whom?


Vicki Lane said...

Frances -- I must admit I didn't notice her dress. I'm always admiring her exotic face. But I looked on line and saw that it was a stunning $2K+ little number. So I guess it said she was a beautiful, expensive piece, beautifully and expensively wrapped. Just like all the 'common folk' who think DT speaks for them.

I'm sure the loyalists on either side weren't swayed. Perhaps a few undecideds were.

Vagabonde said...

Watching the debate last night I think HRC showed that she was qualified and the Donald acted as Donald Trump. I also think that the US should be called the Divided States of America – the rich and the poor, the Democrats and the Republicans and they don’t talk about the same country or want the same country. Just to see, I went to look at conservatives’ sites and newspapers, and of course, they agreed that Donald Trump was the victor. The Washington Times poll asked: ”Who won the first presidential debate?” and the results were 24% Clinton won and 60% Trump won.” Some of the comments said “Trump did an excellent job”; and “Hillary hate-filled eyes.” The fanatical Republicans will go for Trump no matter what and it scares me a lot because they vote en masse. Reason and truth have nothing to do with it – right-wing propaganda is believed, totally.

Vagabonde said...

sorry I made a typo, the results were 69% thought Trump won.

jennyfreckles said...

Really glad Hillary kept her cool and did well. Observing from this safe distance across the ocean, I still can't understand anyone choosing to vote for Trump.

Frances said...

Vicki, I didn't want to influence your answer re the dress, but it was the subliminal message sent by the dress's bare shoulders that interested me. Can you recall any other potential first lady who would have worn such a style to a debate?


katy gilmore said...

I'm so so so with her (Hillary not the wearer of the cocktail dress. I just feel sorry for her. Hillary was great.

Anonymous said...

PS Just to clarify: The Washington Times is a very right-wing newspaper, so it's not surprising their readers would say Trump won.
Deana the Queena