Monday, April 20, 2009


Oh, my goodness! Look at this! And thanks to Reader Wil for leading me down this particular primrose path.

I could stare at this for hours. Wait, I guess already have.

As always, click on the imge to biggify.


Susan M. Bell said...

Isn't that so cool?!?! I went to that site yesterday courtesy of Reader Wil and am planning on building one of those with pictures of....well, my cats. What else.

Carol Murdock said...

I love it! Saw Wil's too!

Reader Wil said...

That's really great! It's a great success, Vicki. I like this sharing of techniques. Your photos are beautiful!

Vicki said...

That was amazing.

Vicki Lane said...

With cats? Neat idea, Susan!

Thanks, Carol -- try it with some of your photos -- those Natchez mansions might be interesting.

Reader Wil -- have you started a craze ... people all over staring at kaleidoscopes?

And howdy to the other younger, cuter Vicki Lane from Tampa! Thanks for stopping by!

Victoria said...

Wow, that is WAY cool!