Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fun with Picasa

Driving into Asheville yesterday evening for dinner with a friend, I was reveling in the joy of being away from the laptop and my messy work room. I took a few sunset pictures from the highway but none came out exceptionally well so I've had a little fun altering them with the Picasa program.
This below is taken from the moving car and then tweaked for color saturation and sharpness.

More fooling around. Picasa is a free program for managing your pictures that also provides some fun options for messing with your photos, cropping, altering color, changing focus and texture -- all kinds of artsy effects.

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elysabeth said...

Cool pictures. I just realized I wasn't even on the most current postings when I left my last comment - lol - how weird is that - you may want to change your link on your website to just the home page of the blog and not a specific posting - See you in February - E :)

Vicki Lane said...

Welcome to the blog, Elysabeth -- yeah, I've asked my webmistress to make that change -- I'll have to remind her.. See you in Feb.!