Tuesday, January 20, 2009

From Every Mountainside . . .

A few days after the terrible events of 9/11, a neighbor down the branch painted this flag on his barn. Since then it's been a long, sad time for our country.

Our new president embodies so many hopes, so many dreams -- and he faces as dire as mess as any president has yet had to deal with. So many giddy expectations -- so many naysayers poised and eager to find fault.

That's me over there with the giddy ones -- delighted to see this day. I wish I could believe that Obama had a magic wand to deal with all the problems facing our country but I know that one man didn't get us in this mess and one man can't get us out.

It'll take all of us.

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Carol Murdock said...

No.......it was not one man nor is there a magic wand but I believe the giddy out number the naysayers
so perhaps the good thoughts, will
over ride the bad and things will change for the better !

Unknown said...

America really doesn't have time for divisive politics anymore - there's no place in our culture for the angry, fear-mongering of some media. We need to hang together - or like Ben Franklin says "we will all hang separately". It's time for the country to work as one - before we end up like the Roman Empire!! Good luck on your "Small Things", Vicki - on this day of BIG THINGS!!

Susan M. Bell said...

Obama has said himself that this will be a long hard road. He definitely can't do it overnight, or by himself. And no matter what, there will be people who will find fault no matter what he does. It's like that with every president, and may be even worse with him

I too am among the giddy as heck group. We need him and what he stands for. I don't remember ever being this excited about an inauguration and the future to follow.

Vicki Lane said...

What a day it's been! I put Miss Birdie on hold at 11:30 in order to watch the ceremony which I found incredibly moving. I'll be posting about it tomorrow.

No, I've never been remotely excited by an inauguration -- and I've been around for a few. As I said some time back, I always vote but this is the first time I've gone so far as to send money and put a bumper sticker on my car.

It began merely as a fervent desire for change in the White House -- but the more I paid attention to this guy, the more I liked him. It was only after his election that the magnificent historical implications of his heritage really began to sink in.

And today, seeing it all play out against such a backdrop of happy citizens -- Wow! . . Mine eyes have seen the glory . . . Nunc dimittis . . . that I have lived to see this day. Thank you.

Now back to Small Things.