Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Day's Delight

Daylilies are one of the most forgiving flowers a gardener can plant. They don't ask much -- sun for most of the day and a bit of water -- they'll grow in most soils, will survive through too much or too little rain, and can be transplanted all through the growing season. Once established, they multiply, so you'll have plenty to spread around and share with friends.

The common orange daylily (not pictured here) grows wild all along our roadsides and it's a cheerful and welcome sight but now . . . now there are hybrids in purples, yellows, pinks, corals,, reds -- almost everything but blue.

Some are fragrant; some bloom early and some late; some have long thin spider petals; others go in for ruffles. There's always another gorgeous specimen to arouse the lust of the daylily lover.

A bloom lasts only a day, hence the name, but each stem carries many buds -- around here the daylily season goes on for almost two months.

But wait! -- There's more! The unopened buds can be added to stir fries and for a fancy treat the open flowers can be dipped in tempura batter and fried in deep oil in a wok to produce a lovely, lacy, slightly onion-flavored addition to a meal.

Delightful daylilies!
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Unknown said...

My Japanese friend takes the large yellow zucchini flowers and dips them in batter and fries them - Yum! Our daylilies rarely get a chance to bloom, the deer eat all of the buds. We do a 3-mile loop through our suburban somewhat rural neighborhood every day with our two German Shepherds and the deer are almost tame - this morning we were treated to the sight of twin fawns romping and playing together. Even though they are a landscaper's nightmare - we still love to watch them. Enjoy your summer day - your garden is a joy to see. -Liz

Vicki Lane said...

Where was your camera!!

I too love the occasional glimpse of deer but now that they're beginning to eat my garden, it's not so thrilling. We're looking into some sort of light that is supposed to mimic the eyes of a predator and so scare the deer away. Also raccoons, etc. We'll see.

Susan M. Bell said...

I did not know you could eat daylilies. You learn something new every day. Won't get to try any this year, but I will next year. I think I'll plant some in my yard. I'm always on the lookout for flowers that are easy to grow.