Thursday, July 31, 2008


Late hydrangeas --
Heavy storm clouds billowing
Over my table . . .

By the mountain road,
Toadstools stand silent sentry;
Drenching rain passes . . .

Orange rosehips dangle,
Swollen fat with summer sun --
Last day of July . . .

Accept these pictures and these few words -- all the chicken talk from yesterday's post has plumb wore me out . . . and there's still the Goodweather Report to send tonight.
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Unknown said...

Who knew chickens would elicit such a response? Forgive my ignorance but what is the Goodweather Report? Is that on your page?

Vicki Lane said...

The Goodweather Report is my monthly newsletter. It's archived on my website

and you can sign up there as well to have a copy delivered fresh to your In box on the first of each month!~

BTY, I had lunch with your neighbor Leah yesterday and saw the entrance to your property -- just over the mountain!

Unknown said...

Leah is the best! We are so fortunate to have her as our neighbor. Some day you will be able to hike over for lunch at our place - although after I read "Old Wounds" I thought - OMG is my house right where Mullmore would be??

Vicki Lane said...

No, you all are on the side of the mountain (to our west) where Levy Johnson's family lived -- and Mary Cleophas and John the Baptizer. Mullmore would be over the ridge to our south.

And I meant BTW, as in by the way, not BTY,whatever that might stand for
- bring two yo-yos? big thank you?

Susan M. Bell said...

The chicken discussion did get long. What fun, though.
I love the toadstools. Wish I could find some like that around here. They make great pictures. (I have visions of little fairies or elves living inside.)

{BTY - Bring The Yams?) ;-D

Vicki Lane said...

bring the yams -- yes ma'am -- love it!

Tammy said...

Love the 'heavy storm clouds billowing'. What a lovely (and apt) description of these blossoms. The toadstools are also neat, what a great picture.