Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bouchercon 2009 ~ Wednesday

Turns out sharing a limo is cheaper than riding a shuttle bus -- who knew? Not me, but Molly did and organized the ride. We all felt like rock stars.

Karen K. is having way too much fun.

Kaye B. from Boone took pictures for her blog.

Then author Sandy Parshall organized a jaunt to a nearby Italian restaurant. The food was terrific and the decor was wondrously funky.

Caryn -- a long time DorothyL member and Liz Zelvin, another mystery author.

Mary Jane Maffini -- a Canadian author was part of the crew.

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I'm wore out and have to get up early tomorrow.

I'll try to add some links to this tomorrow.

But I didn't want you to miss Miss Kitty -- who appears to be a real cat that has been stuffed.


Poetry24 said...

Looks as though you're having a great time Vicki. Limo too eh?

Beware the Paparazzi. A silk head-scarf and some large dark glasses might do the trick!

Reader Wil said...

What a wonderful car! It's almost like a mobile home! It must be a great time you are having with your fellow writers! I wish you a terrific time together. The day after tomorrow I am going to France for a week. I don't know if I can do some blogging, but I scheduled the ABC post anyway.

Pat in east TN said...

Sure looks like you're having fun .. what a fun change of pace!

Carol Murdock said...

Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Take lots of pics too!! :)

Tess Kincaid said...

You've been having entirely TOO much fun!!! :D

NCmountainwoman said...

When the adventure starts out in a Limo, you can be sure it will be a good one. Have a great time.

Margie said...

Oh Vicki, the limo ride looks like such fun, and the BG and Miss Kitty are funny. Enjoy every minute. One life Live it. Hugs, Margie.

Vicki Lane said...

Thanks, you all! I've crept back to my hotel room to put my feet up for a spell. This convention stuff is pretty intense.