Thursday, October 1, 2009

Autumn Light

Extraordinary -- Autumn's Maxfield Parrish skies and the way the greens and golds gather the light to them.

Miss Suzie Hutchins knows how to appreciate these perfect days.

The early sun gilds the leaves and sets alight the last few flowers of the crepe myrtle . . .

. . . and the leaves begin to turn.
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Pat in east TN said...

The past few days have been wonderful here ... so fall like and much appreciated. 41 this morning, our coolest morning of the season.

Carol Murdock said...

Vicki Lane, you are just having a ball with that new camera aren't you?? :) The two of you are turning out some great shots!
I enjoyed the Newsletter!

Tammy said...

That first picture is just so beautiful. It's hard to believe that fall is here.

Vicki Lane said...

Such AMAZING weather! I'd sing and dance, if I could do either.

Vagabonde said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I have been reading all your past posts and shall comment on all of them at once: I love the picture of your cat Eddie. We have two cats and I’m doing a post on one of them. I enjoyed looking at your old cookbooks. Some of mine are a loss after the flood but I have so many. I have bought a few at estate sales, quite old, and they are a lot of fun. We went to Burnsville a couple of years ago, in the snow, and everything was closed. My friend from work owned a bed and breakfast there (he sold it.) We said we would go back when the weather was good, but have not so far. I think you bought a great camera – I have a Nikon D40 but not a great lens – I need to purchase a better lens, hopefully second hand (I have not finished reading the manual…). I did get Photoshop Element before my trip but it is still in the box! I like your picture of Joan Baez. The first time I saw her live was at a concert in Monterey, Ca., where we went for our honeymoon in 1967. There were Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and a lot of other people there too. I copied your blueberry buckle recipe, it sounds super good. I’ll finish by saying that your pictures are a vision of loveliness and pure beauty.

Vicki Lane said...

Vagabonde, I'll look for your post on your cats. I hope you are getting straightened up after the flooding. Burnsville is charming -- this yearly Literary Festival is a delight.

I'm loving my camera -- and I've only just begun the manual.

My husband (we were married in '63) carried a picture of Joan Baez in his wallet for years -- I think she's aged well.

The blueberry buckle is a true comfort food -- sweet and fruity and buttery. Good for breakfast too!

And thank you for your kind words, re pictures. Between the camera and the beautiful place I live, it's hard to go far wrong.