Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beyond Brevard

Yesterday I went to visit friends in Cedar Mountain, a little beyond Brevard. It was misting rain and the early autumn color sang out against the grey skies and remaining greens.

My friend's house is very much in the woods, a place of hushed silence and solemn stilll -- except for times like yesterday with five women, laughing around the lunch table, exchanging stories.

My favorite was the story of the wedding reception in a private home -- an older house where the drains had backed up just before the wedding began.

And as the reception got under way, into the midst of the elegantly attired guests and wedding party there appeared a plumber, wearing a tee shirt with words S__T HAPPENS.

A moment to treasure.

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Reader Wil said...

You have already created an autumnlike atmosphere! The day starts here with a grey, unpromising sky and cobwebs hanging in the bushes.

Margie said...

Hi Vicki, the woods looks so inviting at this time of year, the colors and the mist seems to set a fantasy/mystical type atmosphere. I think the wedding story is very funny. Hugs Margie.

Pat in east TN said...

The Cedar Mountain area is beautiful ... we had friends that lived there years back, also in a quiet, secluded wooded area. The plumber story made me laugh ... perfect t-shirt for that trade! HA! I love the picture of the beautiful church! It reminds me of those back in Cades Cove.

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

Love the church shot!I bet you girls did have fun! :)

Vicki Lane said...

These gray days are very beautiful -- and when we get a bright clear one -- ahh! it seems beyond beautiful!

willow said...

Heehee, thanks for the giggles...only in America.

Charming little church.

My Carolina Kitchen said...

What a beautiful area. We've haven't been to Brevard in years.

The plumbing story reminds me of this past Thanksgiving at our house. We had invited guests for dinner and our plumbing backed up. At least we weren't having a wedding like they were. We called one of our guests and she let us bring everything to her house. I don't believe you can change a wedding that easily. The plumber's t-shirt sounds very appropriate for his profession.

NCmountainwoman said...

Funny story. You were quite near my neighborhood. Did you see any llamas at the Sherwood Forest Golf Course? They have started using them for caddies. Every time we drive toward Cedar Mountain we look for them.

Vicki Lane said...

I love the little churches around here. I need to make a special tour and photograph more of them.

Yes, Thanksgiving would be easier to move than a wedding, (The plumbing did get fixed, however, before the reception was over.)

Dang! No, I didn't see any llamas. But I wasn't looking.

I did see one of Brevard's famous white squirrels and was absurdly delighted.