Sunday, October 25, 2009

Back by Popular Demand ?

No, not Elvis -- but Harice (whom I imagine as looking something like Elvis, but better.)

Harice, the bedroom eyed, snake handling preacher from my first book, Signs in the Blood.

"He was broad shouldered and slim hipped, with a wide, unexpectedly sensual smile that flashed white against the rich tan of his face."

He also had dark hooded eyes and he and Elizabeth were more than a little attracted to one another during the course of that book. And more than a few of my readers have asked me what happened to him. The other night in my writing class, during the break, Sallie presented me with a whole bunch of good reasons why I ought to bring him back.

And I thought, Why not? He does make an appearance in Birdie's forthcoming book, The Day of Small Things, but this Elizabeth book I'm working on now affords a very nice opportunity . . . oh, yes, a very nice opportunity for an interesting complication.

So I'm going to go with this idea. My editor, Herself, may disagree, of course, (some of you remember how she made me get rid of Myrna Lou in the Birdie book.) But I think this will work. And I'm kind of excited about it.

Another thing lots of folks have asked is if I've ever been to a snake handling church. The answer is no. But now, thanks to Mr. Google and You Tube, we can take a quick peek at a service in progress.

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Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

Harice's character made for interesting reading but I did not picture him looking like Elvis.
After this, I probably will now. :)

Star said...

I haven't read your first book (yet) but I know how a character becomes placed in one's mind. When I read a book, I have an idea of the character and what he/she looks like from the author's descriptions. If that book is subsequently made into a film, then I tend to go with the character from the film forever after. That's why it's always best to read the book first and then see the film. Harice is a nice name. I've never heard that before.
Blessings, Star

Vicki Lane said...

Hey Carol -- Not just like Elvis -- but dark haired and full of a lazy sensuality.

Star -- Harice is simply an alternative spelling of Horace -- there are a lot of those around here- Odus for Otis, Obray for Aubrey, Tressalee for Teresa Lee, etc.

Miss_Yves said...

According to me, Snake handlers are mad ...

Vicki Lane said...

Religion can lead people to do strange mad things . . . the snake handlers are an extreme example. But at least they don't force their beliefs on others or seek to harm those who don't agree with them -- at least as far as I know.