Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Neat Stuff for Me Josie


My school gave Nature Exploring Kits to all of us kindergarteners. There was a book about things to look for and binoculars to look with. And a butterfly net to catch bugs and tweezers to pick them up with and a little jar to put them in. And a lot of other stuff.

There was a blue dragonfly down at the goldfish pool, but I couldn't catch him. There were also lots of tadpoles and some frogs. I thought they would be happier in the water so I didn't catch them either.

I used my magnifying class to watch some ants. They move very fast.

Meema turned over rocks for me to explore under. I found some roly-poly bugs, all curled up and I collected one and put him in a jar with some dirt. Later, I let him go. Roly-polies are not very interesting pets.

Also, look what Meema and Grumpy gave me for graduation! There are a million crayons, and there are color pencils and fat markers and skinny markers. When I use them all together, Meema says I am doing mixed media.

There is a place for every crayon and pencil and marker, and I am very good at putting them back where they belong. And of course, I am careful to put the tops back on so they don't dry out.

When I was little, I had a big tub of broken crayons and mostly dried up markers. But now I am SIX and going to first grade.

Also, I have lost another tooth.


Barbara Rogers said...

Whoo hoo! Great collection of coloring tools! Of course the bug exploring stuff is also great. But I drool to think you at 6 have such wonderful colors to make art with, Josie!

jennyfreckles said...

What an amazing art kit. I want one myself now! Bug exploring is great fun too.

Sandra Parshall said...

She's very wise and compassionate to leave the insects where they belong. Observing them in nature is much more informative than watching them in a jar.

I wondered what she would get to celebrate graduation. What a wonderful gift! She's going to be busy all summer. Maybe she'll draw some of the insects she discovers with her nature kit.