Tuesday, May 23, 2023

A Different Tarot

My older son (an English major) sent me (another English major) these literary Tarot cards for Mother's Day. Instead of Wands, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles. the suits are Light, Ink, Quills, and Parchment. (All a writer needs, right?)

Here's the fun thing: Each card in the deck pictures a different literary work--from ancient to considerably more recent. Trying to guess what each card represents is fun--and sometimes perplexing--even for an English major.

Some are world wide classics; others are a bit more obscure.

I haven't yet attempted a reading--I used to entertain myself with the classic Ryder cards but it's been a while. Fortunately, the set came with a nice little book of instructions, along with a key to the who's who of the cards.

Another nice thing is that the purchase of the cards contributes to literacy programs--and heaven knows we could use more of that.

There's lots more about these cards on their website HERE.



Barbara Rogers said...

What a great idea...divination from the literature as depicted by artists. I would be lost probably. But I hope you have fun with them.

Amy Powell said...

Another thing I absolutely love about this deck is that each pairing was chosen by an author, I happen to remember that Patrick Rothfuss chose Don Quixote for the Fool - other authors include Margaret Atwood and Stephen Fry.

This was a kickstarter that had a ton of delays due to Covid, I'm sure your son was really excited to finally be able to give it to you.