Saturday, May 13, 2023

Birthday Stuff!


It is not my birthday yet, not till next week, BUT I am having a birthday party today and yesterday there was a package from my fairy godmother and Meema let me open it early. There was an AMAZING pop-up card with a cake and a candle that lit up and it played a Beatles song called Birthday. It may be the best card I've ever gotten.

Then there was a princess cape and tiara and wand with lots of sparkly shapes to stick on them. First I did the wand while I listened to my birthday card.

There was a book about how to draw different things and a book about different princesses. Sandy, who is my Fairy Godmother, knows I love princesses. And drawing.

The cape is shiny and bright pink. She must know I like pink.

And I LOVE decorating things! I stuck lots of stars and hearts on the cape.

And stars and tiny jewels on the pink tiara.

Of course, Meema had to take a picture of me in my princess stuff.

This is the cape all finished.

Actually, she took a lot of pictures of me. The present from Sandy was like a little birthday party on Friday. Now today will be my real party. And on my real birthday next week, there will be some more presents from Grumpy and Meema. 

I like birthdays!


jennyfreckles said...

Sure way to make a little girl happy!

Sandra Parshall said...

I'm delighted she likes the gift and the books. And thank you, Vicki, for all the beautiful photos! I hope Josie has a marvelous birthday party. Six years old! I can hardly believe it. Where did all those years go? I clearly remember pictures of her as a toddler!

Barbara Rogers said...

What a lovely little princess...who of course is not spoiled like a "princess" that drives everyone nuts. She's the kind princess who loves animals, other kids, her family, adventures of the castle people, and playing other "make-believe" stories. Just look at her Meemaw's talents!

Marcia said...

Happy Birthday, Josie.

Susan said...

What a sweetie..Oh and Josie is too!! Happy Mommy`s day!