Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Banned in Florida?

Such a beautiful sight! And so many cultures have read a meaning into it--beyond the scientific explanation. The Judeo-Christian traditionsees it as a sign of the deity's choosing to spare mankind (what's left of it) after the flood. African and Aboriginal Australians see/saw it as a creator goddess/snake. The Romans had Iris, goddess of the rainbow, who, along with Mercury brought messages to mankind. Norse tradition saw it as a bridge for heroes climbing to Valhalla.

Today, in the US, the rainbow has been claimed by groups promoting diversity and by LGBTQ groups and their allies. (Also, by little girls who love pink and purple and unicorns too.)

I gotta say, the first thing I think of when I see a rainbow these days is a heavenly 'Up yours,' to the increasingly and worryingly authoritarian governor of Florida. 

"Ban this, Ron!"



Anvilcloud said...


Barbara Rogers said...

In a comment describing the stupid and powerful mostly men in control of FL right now, I reminded people the Nazis did much the same. Stay awake! Pay Attention!

Marcia said...

We are getting mailings every week, sometimes more than one in a week, touting Ron. It's disgusting literature that goes right into the recycle bin.

The white iris has a bud forming!

Vicki Lane said...


Sandra Parshall said...

He would if he could. What a stupid, narrow minded, prudish little man.

Anonymous said...

RDS seems to be trying to ruin Florida, single-handedly - one day at a time. A power-hungry, small minded little man. As TFG and his ranting become more and more ridiculous, and easier to ignore, this one becomes scarier. I do see people waking up to what he's up to, but we're stuck with him until 2027!!! By then, it will take decades to undo what he's done.