Thursday, May 11, 2023

And the Cherry on Top


While I was still basking in the afterglow of E. Jean Carroll's success in civil court, came the news that the serial grifter currently trading under the name George Santos has been indicted on 13 counts.

Small fry, compared to the dumpster fire that is the former guy, (who he emulates in calling the charges a witch hunt,) but satisfying to see movement towards justice.

Still I wonder what has happened to the GOP--the same party that didn't want Nelson Rockefeller to run because he was divorced. (He was also pretty moderate.) Nowadays, it seems not to matter how sleazy a candidate is as long as they appeal to the far right--Lauren Boebert, MTG, Matt Gaetz, Ted Cruz, Madison Cawthorn . . . the list is long and undistinguished.

Not my grandfather's GOP, that's for sure.


Anvilcloud said...

It’s so … omg … I don’t know what to say.

Sandra Parshall said...

The worse it gets, the more determined republicans are to put trump back in the WH. And last night CNN gave him 70 minutes in prime time to spew hate and lies. Shame on all of them.

Barbara Rogers said...

The long CNN show resulted in CNN saying today (on Five Things) "It was his first appearance on CNN since 2016, but analysts say it was also a display that his combativeness, election denialism and untamed fury remain much the same since his time in office." My thoughts now go to all the Republican voters who don't like him...and I'm sure there are a few...and perhaps they don't all hate Democrats, maybe another few. I'd like to meet and have conversation with them. How to heal this hate-filled divide.

Vagabonde said...

Yes, it is sad how the Republican party has changed so much. But I guess some people here must like it that way or they would not vote for these outrageous candidates. I read that at his CNN self congratulatory rampage yesterday (I did not watch it) the former guy made fun of E. Jean Carroll, and his adoring public was laughing. How can people become so hateful?

What is also making me sad is that my daughter was trying to get a French au pair for the grandkids but France as well as 7 other countries have issued travel advisories against coming to the USA due to increased mass shootings. The parents of the girl who was supposed to come here won’t let her travel for safety reasons. New Zealand, Canada, the UK, Australia, etc., have increased the risk to travel to US to level 4 because of “high rate of fire arm possession in the US” and increase in public shootings. This only happened to 3rd world countries before. It used to be the US to issue travel warnings against other countries… I never thought I would see this.