Thursday, January 26, 2023

Learning Curve

Our amaryllis gave us weeks of enjoyment and I took lots of pictures. Now, while we wait for what looks like a second flower stalk on its way, I'm trying to use some of those pictures to help me learn how to deal with that tricky mottled shading. (A previous attempt, working from the actual blooming plant, showed me I had a long way to go.

I also resurrected a picture taken many years ago at the Grant Distillery garden in Scotland--a Himalayan blue poppy--the most amazing shade of blue and one I tried to replicate without success. I'll try again, but first I'll do some color samples till I find what works to show the wonderful transparent glow.

It's almost a form of meditation. I get so deep into the picture, paying such close attention to every curve and line, that sometimes I forget to breathe.  And the imperfection of the work is beside the point. It's the doing that matters--process, not product.



Anvilcloud said...

I agree abut the process, and I am fairly sure that the product will also satisfy.

Marcia said...

I signed up for a one night refresher class in watercolors. I may be showing my recent attempts soon, too.

Barbara Rogers said...

And that is the basis of all Art Therapy. Without calling it that, we had a studio full of ceramic beginners to accomplished artists all getting into the zone. It is also adicting. Keep on working on the colors you want...sometimes a camera captures not quite the right color as well.