Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Josie Still Working on Thank You's

Josie was sick all last week with some unidentified virus--not the flu or covid or anything nameable, according to the pediatrician. Her folks kept her home and away from the aged grandparents (us,) not wanting to spread the contagion. It took about seven days to run its course but as of yesterday, Josie's back in school and feeling fine. 

So yesterday, we returned to the writing of thank you notes for those kind folks who donated to her school's fundraiser. Three to go but we only got one done today. (I tried to suggest that 'thank you for helping my school' would be more graceful than 'thank you for the money,' but she was in favor of brevity. And as she reminded me, she's only in kindergarten.

When she finished the picture and the note for Janet, she wanted to paint some fruits and vegetables. When she finished the apple, she very proudly pointed out that she'd left a little white highlight like I'd showed her weeks ago.

She went on to do an orange, a blueberry, a strawberry, a potato, a banana, a chocolate bar, some broccoli, a tomato, an eggplant, and a slice of pepperoni pizza.

I'll be picking her up Wednesday and Friday and am confident we'll get those last two thank you notes done!



Barbara Rogers said...

Such fun fruits! I bet she's the only kindergardner who knows about highlights on apples!

Sandra Parshall said...

That is a fine apple! So sorry to hear she's been sick. I wish all children could be well all the time.

I very much appreciated Josie's thank you note and burst out laughing at "Thank you for the money." She's right, she's only in kindergarten and can't be expected to write verbose notes. Besides, she has pictures to paint! The little paintings she has sent my way mean the world to me.

Marcia said...

She's responded well to your watercolor lessons.