Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Another Josie Afternoon

It was too cold for an ice cream cone when Meema picked me up from school today, so we went home and made chocolate chip pancakes.

The Castle People all wanted some so I shared.

Jenny REALLY wanted some too but chocolate is bad for dogs so I told her NO!

I love pancakes, especially with chocolate chips!

Now that the Christmas tree is gone, I can get in the closet where a lot of my stuff is. 

I made a HUGE building with my blocks and decorated it with letters. They do not say anything because they are just decorations.                                                                           

I decided it needed more decorations.

So I put in some beads.

PS--I put EVERYTHING away before Daddy came to get me. I did the same back in The Room where Dolly and Margot had made a HUGE MESS. Meema said she was proud of me.



Barbara Rogers said...

Having clean-up part of the fun is so important. I missed that gene, or learning that technique in life, so am always wondering why I have so much to clean up!

Sandra Parshall said...

Does she have an equal number of toys at her other grandparents' house? Does she have any toys at her own home? 😄

Vicki Lane said...

She has LOTS of stuff at each of her three houses.