Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Josie Writes Thank You Notes

It was Martin Luther King Junior Day and there was no school. My kindergarten teacher Ms. V told us about Martin Luther King Junior and why his day is important. Mama was home too but Meema came and got me after lunch so I could do some thank you notes to some nice people who sent money to my class for extra materials.

I also painted pictures to go with the notes I wrote.

I am getting good at writing, but Meema still has to help me spell some words. I know words like YOU and FOR and THE and LOVE and, of course, JOSIE. I wrote two notes and painted four pictures and then I needed a break. Meema said that was okay, we would do more after school on Wednesday.

I painted some flowers for Sandy and then Meema said maybe I would like to do a monster for Uncle Ethan because he likes monsters. So I did a monster with horns and wings and I gave him an ice cream cone. He is a happy monster.



Barbara Rogers said...

So happy to see that Josie is learning how to write thank you notes. They make me so happy. But I seldom get them.

Sandra Parshall said...

Her Christmas thank you note was perfect. I'm looking forward to the flowers!