Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Proverbial Blast from the Past

This is me (believe it or don't) with my first born, standing outside the geodesic dome of the private school (Independent Day School, aka the hippie school) in Florida where John and I taught.  It's probably sometime in early '73.

I have the picture because I got in touch with yet another person from my past via Facebook. And he sent me this picture from his files.  Evan was a student at Berkeley Prep in Tampa where I taught in the late Sixties and he was in Iowa City when John was there in grad school. We stayed in touch for quite a while, then time went by. 

Did it ever. But thanks to FB, we're beginning to catch up again. He's into photography and seems still to be a very nice, very interesting person. 

As do all the old students/friends that have come back into my life through the magic of the interwebs. And most of them, I've had the pleasure of seeing in person eventually, right here on the farm. It's always a bit of a shock, I think, for every one to see what differences almost fifty years can make on the exterior.

But hearts and minds can stay the same.


Barbara Rogers said...

I didn't know you were at the dome in Tampa- which I attended on Sundays for the Unitarian Fellowship...which it was then called. What a hoot and a half! I moved away in 74...but had been part of the fellowship since it started services around 71. I'll now have to check for photos...but I didn't have any of the school. And I thought the school was down the path/road in the classroom building (which was Religious Education on Sundays.) You still look a lot like that photo!

Vicki Lane said...

I wonder if that was a different dome Because in '72-'74, this dome was divided into four classrooms and was chock full of teaching stuff. It was in Carrollwood and there were various other building/classrooms on the property. Now I understand the school is much larger.

Tara said...

How wonderful to reconnect after all these decades. And that photo! Can you believe we were ever so young? (I thought I was old/mature/grown up then -- ha!)

Anvilcloud said...

I haven't kept in touch with any former students, but I think that is a pretty normal expectation with large composite high schools.

Dianna said...

Ah, the ol' diaper on the shoulder. So '70s, or '80s for me. LOL
How cool to hear from former students after so long.

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh my, I guess it was a different dome! I never knew there was one in Carrollwood. So glad that you straightened me out. The one near I-75 still stands, (I think) as well as the newer bigger one, and the small one is for Sunday School.