Thursday, January 9, 2020

Josie Is So Excited

Library play group is BACK!

Hurry up, Meema!

I had to see about EVERYTHING!

I did puzzles.

This baby said he missed me.

Dance time was GREAT!

I have some fancy moves.

We do a circle goodbye.

We also do Car Wash and run through the ribbons.

I had to make sure the playground was still there.

And that the slide still worked.

Now we're going to choose some new books to take home.
YEE HA! I love the library!


Anvilcloud said...

That looks like such a great program. I used to take JJ to storytime and crafts, but the program was not as extensive or well rounded as this.

Rosie said...

Oh melt my heart, Vicki! I'm thrilled to see all is right with her world!
That Josie Posie makes me smile! 😍

Vicki Lane said...

When we were getting ready to go, I reminded her that Rosie wouldn't be there. "It's a new lady -- but I don't remember her name," I told Josie. "It's Beth," she told me.

Nan Emanuel said...

What a lovely way to instill the love of reading while learning how to make friends. A powerful combo for a little girl to love.

Sandra Parshall said...

It’s such a pleasure to see her playing with other children.

Misty Barnes said...

I'm so glad you take her to the library!! I love that playground at the library. I'm going to suggest it to my director. Maybe we could install a small playground.