Friday, January 17, 2020

Barn Fire Update--Moving Ahead

After a very long wait, we have finally received a check from our insurance company for the loss of the barn. We have held off clearing away any of the debris, fearful the insurance people might want to challenge our claim. But they didn't and now we can move forward.

We want to get all the rubble removed and start by restoring the basement on which the new barn/workshop will be built.  It will involve pouring a concrete floor and probably building a new concrete block wall within the old one. 

And we are going ahead with Easter Party plans -- even though the new building can't possibly be ready by then, we'll work something out. Forty-some years of community tradition is at stake!

This was brought home to me only yesterday when we received a card with a generous check from neighbors who have always come to the party and want to see it continue. 

Our first impulse was to return the check with thanks -- but their wish that we accept the gift 'in the spirit which it was given' made us reconsider.

And accept it as a pledge toward the Easter Party and our very special community. 


Anvilcloud said...

I hope the party is a good one.

Barbara R. said...

Good to know there is building afoot!

Pat's Posts said...

I was passing a wintry afternoon and thought I might read some blogging and do some of my own which I have nearly fully neglected in favor of FB. Your blog is still on my Reading list so I wandered over, great news to finally have the insurance settlement, I know that is always a nerve wrenching wait but yes now you can move on. And Easter plans again! That is really good!

Nancy Emanuel said...

Vicky, if you're having a weekend day that folks will be coming to help get you started on the long process, please let me know. If we're available, Jay and I would love to help out in some way. We're just down the road in Madison... ready, willing and able.

Vicki Lane said...

Nancy -- thank you so much for the offer. We haven't yet settled on a plan of action for a group- but I will post about it when we do. We'll need nicer weather, for one thing.