Monday, August 21, 2017

A Giant Star Goat Will Swallow the Sun!

Or maybe it's something else.

At least one pastor (Mark Blitz) says that eclipses are warnings from God, depending on where they're seen.

So what if it's a predictable event based on scientific calculations and understood as such for many centuries -- an eclipse is still a fine way to frighten the uneducated or willfully ignorant.

Personally, I'm going with the meme that was all over the internet last week asking God to  blot out the sun today as a signal to the Trumpster that it's time to resign. 

We have our viewing glasses and are ready to view from the comfort of our porch. It won't be a total eclipse, but very, very close. 

I'll take that as a sign.


Juliet said...

I'm sure the eclipse will be amazing. We won't be seeing it from New Zealand, but if I go to bed now and close my eyes (as it's night-time here) I'll imagine it's happening.

Barbara R. said...

"I'm not old enough to know about that" as a friend wisely said. It's become my motto.

jennyfreckles said...

It was awesome to watch on TV whilst I was eating dinner tonight. Don't we live in an amazing world? Both the eclipse and the fact I can see it live, across the ocean, from the comfort of my sitting room are wondrous to me.

Anvilcloud said...

We viewed thru a pinhole box with the kids. We only reached 70% or so, and I never saw any glasses to purchase anywhere around here.

Darla said...

Nature is awesome. :) As are your the creativity and effort you put into them. I had to scan back through to see what I'd missed since I last checked in: Little Miss Josie cute and growing; sadness and tragedy; beauty and wonder. Well, a week covers it all, eh? Life is change.