Sunday, June 25, 2017

Who Does Josie Look Like?

Justin, 1978

Folks often ask about (or seem to see) family resemblances in babies. I'm no different -- to me, Josie looks like her father when he was a baby. For all I know, she may look like Claui too but I haven't seen pictures of Claui as a baby.

Ethan, Vicki, and Justin, 1978
Justin sees the resemblance but points out that Josie is prettier . . . 

Claui and Josie
You be the judge . . .
John and Justin, 1978

John and Justin, 1978
I'm off today for  week of teaching at John C. Campbell Folk School. I should have internet access but one year it was down. So don't be worried if I don't post.

As always, I hate to leave home for fear of missing something. My big pink Oriental lily(I think it's a Stargazer) is about to bloom --for the first time since I planted it two or three years ago.

And, of course, Josie. She is changing so fast -- beginning to interact with me and really lock eyes. She had a little spell of looking as if she was trying to talk when I was talking to her and making faces. And she smiles!

A week is so short -- for me it's just a blip in the 3, 862 or so that I've lived so far but for her right now, it's one fifth of her whole life.

I can't wait to see what she does with it! 



Thérèse said...

Enjoy your week! In a week from now you'll get Josie's smiles back.

KarenB said...

Enjoy your week! I hope it all goes swimmingly for you. I'd love to spend a week there immersing myself in pottery making as well as seeing what others are up to in their various crafts.

Sandra Parshall said...

She does look like Justin, but yes, she is prettier. :-) Have a great week of teaching, Vicki.

Barbara Rogers said...

Yes, you do have that family resemblance. But wait a few more months and it will probably be even more noticeable! Enjoy Campbell!

Frances said...

Yes, I also do see the resemblence! What a sweet baby girl Josie is.

What a fine week you and your students will be having at Jos Campbell. I look forward to hearing about it. After a bit of a blog break, I am touching base again this weekend. Seeing what I have been missing and vowing to be back soon. xo

Bernie said...

Awe so cute, she is such a beautiful baby Vicki. Ummmm I think Josie looks like Josie, xx

Poetry24 said...

Good luck with the teaching. I wonder if little Josie will follow in your footsteps?

katy gilmore said...

She's perfect! Have fun and hurry home!