Thursday, October 17, 2013

Life is Good

I'm feeling pretty mellow as I write this on Wednesday night. The Great Unpleasantness in DC is over -- for a while, at least, and as an added bonus, Cory Booker has won the special election to be the new senator from New Jersey, beating out a Tea Party candidate endorsed by Sarah Palin. Oh, yes indeedy!

And my shoulder, that I injured in a fall last month, is showing signs of improvement -- I visited the orthopedist last week and was told that I may have a small tear in the rotator cuff but it might not need surgery. I had a date with a physical therapist on Tuesday and was given a series of exercises to do three times a day. They are already making a difference!

So yesterday afternoon I planted pansies in the entryway -- I love these little beauties that will bloom all winter long. Snow doesn't bother them.

The triangular bed badly needed a little something -- the crepe myrtles had grown so tall that this summer we could only see the flowers by craning our necks back and staring up up up. John and the chainsaw to the rescue.

We will hope for abundant growth next spring and beautiful, viewable blooms next summer.  Till then we'll enjoy the graceful trunks and the pretty pansies,
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Folkways Note Book said...

Pansies are great greeters to folks during the cold season. Wonderful that Booker won! Relief that we can be spared a few months of Congressional haggling. -- barbara

Victoria said...

I was so relieved to hear today that the idiots in Congress have come to their senses and saddened that it is only temporary.

I can over-winter pansies up here, but they don't bloom during the winter once the temperatures drop into the teens and twenties during the daytime and get to below zero at night.

I'm glad your shoulder is feeling better! Wishing you continued improvement.

Ms. A said...

Glad to hear your shoulder is doing better!

Thérèse said...

There is an urge to do something as soon as things look, feel and are better isn't it?
So glad for you.

Merisi said...

Oh yes, thirst thing in the morning, reading the huge headline in the Washington Post! ;-)

Pansies are such brave flowers, blooming when others are already hibernating, even growing through snow and ice.

I realized only now that I have not been a "follower" of your blog. Residue of earlier times, when I had not yet figured out how to do that. I am NOW, finally. ;-)
You are on my blogroll, though, from the first day I updated my blog format.

Brian Miller said...

yeah i am glad the tantrum is over...maybe your cats and dogs will find peace now as well...smiles...i like cory...i met him in new york a few years ago

Barbara Rogers said...

I also just planted pansies. Your greenhouse and solar panel look very functional.

NCmountainwoman said...

So glad life is good for you and the shoulder is better. And so thankful that at least the government nightmare is postponed for a while. I would love pansies but unfortunately the deer find them and eat them like candy.

Juliet said...

I always like to have winter colour, but hadn't heard of winter pansies. I'm sure they will provide a cheerful note when winter comes. I wish you well with the healing of your shoulder, and it must be such a relief to have that crisis averted- what hair-raising politics. We have been following it day by day from NZ as these events affect the whole world.