Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another Milestone for Birdie's Book.

Today I finished my careful read through of the manuscript. I have been taking it in smallish chunks, trying to read it aloud in my mind and making changes as they seemed called for.

I haven't had to re-do any more chapters -- but I have beefed up some crucial scenes -- adding a few choice sentences or paragraphs here and there.

And when I got to the end, I felt good about the whole thing. What could be better?

I have my dedication and acknowledgments written; I've called University of Tennessee press to make sure I can quote from an old book they did a reprint of ( bet you didn't know this was the author's responsibility); and now I have to polish the opening chapters of the next book (Under the Skin) so they can be printed as a teaser in the back of this book (The Day of Small Things.)

And I have to think about what I'll be saying when I speak at the Hendersonville Library on Wednesday night. My mind is full of Birdie's book and the next one. But what good to tantalize people with a book that won't be available for months? Or another that isn't even written?

No, I'll have to go back to In a Dark Season, and retrace the Drovers' Road, awaken Ish and Mariah, reacquaint myself with Nola and Big Lavinia, with the Troll and his cats, retrace Lydy's Goforth's brief career, go again with Elizabeth and Phillip to Max Patch and meet with James Suttles.

All these people in my head and all these stories, some told and others waiting their turn . . .

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Pat in east TN said...

HURRAY!!! I am still amazed at what a long process the making of a book is, and the responsibilities that are yours, but I'm excited for you. HA, I'm excited for me too ... this all means The Day of Small Things is closer to being in my hot little hands! Woo hoo!!!

Carol Murdock said...

Well...you are on track girl!
Now you can think about that garden and harvesting all your goodies!

Vicki Lane said...

Pat, I didn't mention that it's also my job to sweep up all the unused or removed punctuation from my floor and return it to Commas R Us. ;-)

Carol -- Yep, the garden and the next book. And I have several cans of paint I'm hoping to use on the bedroom and living room walls. Never a dull moment!

Gary Carden said...

For some reason, your blog address "vanished" from my blog list. I wanted to tell you that the Upcountry History Museum in Greenville has a small exhibit on "The Kingdom of the Happy Land." Now, I have to get back to the garden. I got a late start this year.

Auntie Knickers said...

Good news on the next book, and the one after. But that brings up a question about those "teaser" chapters at the end of books. What if you and the editor decide that the book needs to be totally rewritten -- or at least so much so that the opening chapter is either very different, comes later in the book, or no longer exists at all?

susan t. said...

I love the picture of the stack (STACK!!!) of your books. Not just one good one and the rest pale imitations..........nooooooooooo! all of them a delight.
Good on'ya.

Vicki Lane said...

Gary -- I'd love to get over there and see that. Thanks for letting me know!

Auntie K. - As far as I can tell, we just ignore it. The teaser at the end of DARK SEASON mentions Myrna Lou who, as I've mentioned, was expunged, along with her subplot, from DAY OF SMALL THINGS. And the second chapter of that teaser, in the revised version is more like Chapter 35.

Hey, Susan, who'da thunk? (I love looking at that stack of books too!)