Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On Crooked Ridge

Grace Henderson was buried today in the little cemetery atop Crooked Ridge, close by the graves of her mother and father. Friends and neighbors dug the grave and carried her to it. Then they shoveled in the red dirt, tamping it down with loving care

The wind whipped across the ridge top, making the trees that crowded around the edges of the graveyard sigh and creak, and scattering last year's dead leaves into rustling flocks that skirled around our feet.

A wonderful mix of folk turned out -- native born, long time 'new people,' and more recent additions to our county, retirees finding a new home in our old land -- all brought together by their love of Grace -- who, in turn, loved them all.

Springing breezes stir
Fall's brown leaves to life --whirling
Amid the gravestones.
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Tammy said...

I was very sorry to read of Grace's death. I know it is so very hard to see the older ones pass on. The knowledge they have, and inspiration they give is awesome. As we've talked before, some of these folks are the last of a tough and courageous breed and so full of character. It sounds like Grace's memorial and burial were just as she would like. Being buried on an isolated hill sounds perfect too.
Take care,