Friday, February 15, 2008

The Dark Shores of Forever

I love that dozy, semi-conscious state in the morning -- the ten or fifteen minutes before actually committing to opening my eyes and getting on with the day. I do some of my most creative thinking then. It's as if my brain is unfettered and off on its own.

I've used this time to work out problems in my writing -- okay, so if Elizabeth tells Phillip the truth, what will his reaction be . . .

Now, thanks to Wordsmith -- a nifty website that pops an esoteric word into my inbox daily, I have an adjective to describe that waking sleep. The word is hypnopompic, as in: During my brain's predawn, hypnopompic wandering this morning, a title shimmered into my mind --The Dark Shores of Forever. It sounded so good to me that when I awoke and got to my computer, I did a search to see if it was something I'd seen and my subconscious had remembered.

Evidently not, at least I don't find it on Amazon. So, I have this neat sounding title -- I wonder if I can come up with a Goodweather book to go with it. I don't know -- it may be too grim.

The last time I awakened with a phrase running through my mind it was: I believe in Delaware. I'm pretty sure I can't do anything with that one.
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