Monday, June 15, 2020

Work Weekend--with Social Distancing


Reconstruction on the shop has been languishing, what with one thing and another, but this weekend, Justin's longtime friend Josh was in town and a plan was hatched.

Josh and his fiancee, having scrapped plans for a big wedding due to Covid-19, are having a small family wedding at his folks' house next week and Claui's dad (a Presbyterian minister) is officiating.  So what could be more natural than that all these folks spend three days laying block? 

A goodly amount got done on Friday and we gathered in Justin and Claui's front yard for burgers and hot dogs and lots of good salads. 

Chairs were scattered to enable distancing.

On Saturday, the work proceeded apace. The women were there too, front and center. 

That's Lisa,the bride-to-be, pushing the wheelbarrow.

She mixed all the mortar/concrete both Friday and Saturday.

Note that the hydrangea is doing its thing. Sue, the mother of the groom plans to come pick some for the wedding.

There's Claui in the black shirt, laying block like a good un!

Justin's friend and co-worker Doug and Doug's wife Shayne worked and cooked. 

Doctor Bob, aka Bobaguy--father of the groom.

We are so fortunate in our friends.

Real progress!

And another distanced supper

Josie loves quesadillas!

And she's dreaming of becoming a Big Girl like Mama and Shayne and Lisa.

Work continued on Sunday--and all the block was used up before the crew got rained out in mid-afternoon.  Once again we gthered for an outdoor supper, but this time at Bob and Sue's house. (I felt almost giddy--this being my first time somewhere else since March. I don't count my two trips to help John get his truck to and from the mechanic as I never got out of the car.)

It was another lovely evening and the crew is planning to gather again for another workday next Saturday. As I said, we are so fortunate to have such friends.


Anvilcloud said...

An industrious and I think a very satisfying weekend.

Barbara Rogers said...

Wow, that's real progress...and shows just how hard laying block really is! Glad you got quesadillas a rewards.

jennyfreckles said...

Great that life is beginning to resume some normality. Hooray for friends!