Friday, June 12, 2020

In the Garden--Of Course There's a Snake

Thursday was a perfect day to transplant the last seedlings to the garden. Heavy rain yesterday left the soil damp but not muddy, and the air was gloriously cool. I set out watermelon and butternut squash seedlings in the lowest rows, below the corn.

 Added some more pepper plants to the box beds, as well as some black kale--puny litle starts but maybe they'll make it if bugs, bunnies, etc. leave them alone.

Something, alas, has munched off the tops of two of thee tomato plants. While we haven't sighted any deer in a long time, this makes me wonder if they're back.  Or perhaps a very tall groundhog? Gardening seems to be the triumph of hope over experience.  

A handsome box turtle was dangling precariously in this juniper -- I helped him down and moved him in the direction he seemed to have chosen.

  1. Daylilies are beginning their month-long show. I'll be boring you with lots more pictures soon.

Layla was either unaware of or at peace with the greenhouse black snake who was relaxing in the sun.

Relaxing after a big meal. See that big bulge to the left of his/her head? Probably the chipmunk that's been eating the figs off the tree in the greenhouse. 

I like chipmunks. I like black snakes. I like figs. I like Nature and am okay with the way it works. 


Anvilcloud said...

I find the snake alarming, maybe because I have no experience with them.

Vicki Lane said...

I suspet we're hard-wired to be alarmed by snaes. My first sight of any snake always maes me jump. But one I know it's not venomous, I relax and enjoy the whole marvel of how they move.

Barbara Rogers said...

Yep...not at all happy with snakes. Glad yours is saving your that's a worthy purpose!