Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Josie Sees About Stuff

Guess who! It's me Josie in my rainbow shirt from Aunt Nancy and Uncle Peter. It is sparkly.

I started my day by checking out the greenhouse. Meema says a blacksnake lives in there but we did not see him. 

 Then we went for a walk.

I got some rocks for my collection.

And I picked daisies.

I also picked a flower called a pink. It is my favorite. It  smells very good.

Honeysuckle also smells very sweet. Meema showed me how I could suck honey out of it but I said No thank you.

We blew bubbles. 

When I was little I couldn't blow bubbles but now I can. I also like for Meema to blow them and then I chase them and pop them.

Then I had to see about Meema's workroom. There was a handy box that I could sit in.

I put up one side and it is the sail.

I told Meema to jump in but she said the chair she was sitting in was her boat and she made vroom vroom sounds like she was going fast.

Back down in the kitchen, I was doing silly walks. Meema asked me again if she could fix my hair and I told her the answer was no. 

I pretended my broom was a tightrope. I am pretty good. I could probably be in a circus.

When we went outside to wait for Mama, I checked on the bean seeds I planted and one had sprouted!! Meema says they will grow very tall and have scarlet flowers and then beans--if nothing happens to them. 

But I must not pull them up to look at the roots because it hurts their feelings.

I will be careful.

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Barbara Rogers said...

Oh Josie, you are the rainbow in my morning reading today! What fun things you and your Meemaw do together!